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Erik Ogren breaks through, wins Cielo


Erik, has been riding noticeably faster of late and in his last few races he was knocking on the door, he busted it down this week. winning the Giro de Cielo Road Race!

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Parker learns fast; wins Watermelon Crit


Seems like we were just showing the boy how to click in his cleats a couple weeks ago and he goes and does this.

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Hunter Mountain: Results!

Hunter Cat 5 Podium

Another great weekend of racing for siggi’s/NYVelocity! In an 80 mile race in the rain at Hunter Mountain, Daniel finishes 4th in the Cat 4s with Matt and Jon in the top 10. Ryan finished 2nd in the Cat 5 under 35s after being just barely out-sprinted by his partner in a 2-man breakaway that put over 7 minutes into the rest of the field. Jovica wins in another Cat 5 field, he doesn’t seem to know how to lose! Congrats to everyone who turned out for this tough, soggy and cold race!

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siggi’s slays Tour of Dragons in 1-2-3 sweep!


Jovica, Regis and Ryan go 1-2-3 in the Tour of Dragons Stage race. Daniel claims 5th in the cat 4 race.

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Cedrick breaks through, 3rd place CRCA


The team is really proud of the progress that Cedrick Gousse has made in the past two years, going from an overweight coach potato to a contender in tough Central Park races is quite an accomplishment. Now we are starting to see some impressive race results.

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Siggi’s Storms Battenkill Podiums


Siggi’s racing enjoyed one of its best single days of racing ever; Jocca and Regis broke away early on to win their field by about over 13 minutes (!), Alexis out duels his two break mates to wins the Cat 5 masters,  Armand  finishes with an impressive 3rd in the Cat 4s and Daniel Lammon[read more…]

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Regis wins!


Copy and paste that headline, it could save some time.

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Armand 3rd at SS, Lucas 3rd in the CRCA race and Regis 2nd at Trooper

March 24, 2013 – A cold weekend of racing brings some well earned results.

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Armand’s first 2nd

Armand Wilhelm, mark that name down you and expect to here it mentioned a lot in NYC racing circles and written on this site, he is a force. Armands story:

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First Blood: Thomas Conti Scores 2nd at Bethel

  A very early podium, and Thomas is eying the next step soon.

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Lucas wins last CX race of the season


His modest report tell the story, but he has been coming on every week of the cyclocross season, building on the succes he had this yea on the road.

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Mike Anderson wins Floyd

Ernie’s report: He went solo about 8 miles from the finish and put about 2 mins on us. Very very impressive, especially considering it was extremely windy out here today. I took 2nd in the field sprint for 3rd overall. Bryan and I squashed every attempt at chasing Mike. Great team weekend!

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Stefan wins last CP race; siggi’s wins the CRCA B cup!


It all came down to the last race of the season, as it always seems to do.

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Ernie wins 2nd stage at Green Mountain Stage Race!


Ernie comes up with a big performance on a very big stage, The Green Mountain Stage Race (GMSR) is one of the biggest on the east coast

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Stefan first over the line at Floyd Bennet